What I Learned During the First Year of Medical School

First year of medical school is officially OVER! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by, and how much I have learned not only about medicine, but also about myself. Here are the biggest lessons I have learned this year:

1. I am here to LEARN. I am not expected to know everything right from the start. I am the one who has to learn this material, not anyone else. This means I shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes or of looking stupid, and I shouldn’t be comparing myself to anyone else.
2. Self care is so, so important. Sleep properly, eat well, drink water, exercise, and take a little time out of every day to treat yourself. It may seem counterintuitive to take time from your busy schedule to do these things, but it makes a huge difference!
3. Confidence is key. Many times, I am placed in situations where I am outside of my comfort zone. I feel like I don’t know enough or don’t have enough experience, but I am beginning to realize that part of the game is faking it until you make it.
4. If you want something, make it happen. Don’t wait around for an opportunity to come to you and then become frustrated when you aren’t getting it. Think about what it is that you want, and find a way to have it. Rarely will someone give you a chance because they noticed you and believe you deserve it because there are a lot of other people out there who deserve it too.

I could not have made it this far without the love and support of family and friends.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much!

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