Living Raediantly

Those of you grammatically correct individuals out there are mentally asking, “Uh, why did she add an extra ‘e’ to the word ‘radiantly’ in her blog name? If she’s writing a blog, shouldn’t she know how to spell?”

Well, quite simply, my name is Melina Rae, and I am on a mission to live radiantly.

“Oh. Okay! Cool. Nice play on words…What does that mean exactly?” 

Great question, and I have an answer for ya ;)!

I just finished my first year of medical school, and it was a whirlwind to say the least. So much information, so little time to learn it all, and a lot of pressure to do well for the sake of my future patients.  I came to medical school straight from undergrad, and had a difficult time adjusting. During my first semester and into my second semester, my grades were far from stellar no matter what I tried and no matter how much time I spent studying. I was not taking care of my mind or my body, and I felt very overwhelmed and unworthy of pursuing a medical degree. My inner sparkle was dulled as I compared myself to my peers and saw myself as constantly coming up short.

Relatively recently, I realized that the saying is true: comparison is the thief of joy. I needed to stop being so hard on myself: stop the negative self-talk,  stop comparing myself to other people,  stop feeling afraid of failing, and finally give myself a break for once. I made it here to medical school, and that in itself is an accomplishment worth a self-pat on the back! With this realization, I did some self-reflection and saw that I wasn’t doing anything to love and nurture myself in mind, body, or spirit. I didn’t spend any time doing things I enjoy, wasn’t utilizing my talents or full potential, exercised occasionally, ate countless frozen meals and snacks, and put my relationship with Christ on the back burner. I needed to change my ways and reignite my spark so I could radiate my inner warmth and light onto everyone and everything around me.

And that, folks, is what brings me here to this blog. I love to write, and I love to share. On here, you’ll find posts that relate to my life journey, including posts about medical school, fitness, health, faith, relationships, food, books, adventures, and fashion. I am sharing this journey with you in hopes that you too will find what ignites your spark, and use that to shine your light on another’s path.

Feel free to comment on my posts, message me, and follow me on Instagram! I’d love to know who is reading my content and what you think about it!



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